Michael’s Comprehensive List of Scottish Lights

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06 Sep 08 First issue Home page, Introduction, Index; Sections A, B and C
17 Sep 08 New Sections Sections F, N and southern part of D
20 Sep 08 Introduction to issue 2 Sealed-beam units
02 Oct 08 New page Change List
02 Oct 08 Section A to issue 2:
  M006-02, 03


  M011-01 to -10

A-reference corrected to A2867
Removed from Admiralty list; deleted as disused onastic
Removed from Admiralty list; status changed to disused tower;
  reference changed to M007-D
Status corrected to Disused tower
Status corrected from tower to onastic because no cladding is used;
  reference changed to M010-01-D
References changed to M010-02 to -11 to accommodate above changes;
  note that label M011 is no longer used
04 Oct 08 Section B to issue 2:

A-reference corrected to A2938
A-reference corrected to A3054
Removed from Admiralty list; too pretty to delete;
  reference changed to M019-01-D
04 Oct 08 Section C to issue 2:
  M028-01 to -05
  M028-11 to -17
  M028-39, -41,
   -43 to -45

New in Admiralty list; character amended
A-references amended
Individual A-references supplied
Character amended

A-references corrected
A-reference removed
04 Oct 08 Section D to issue 2:

Character amended
New to Michael's List; previously omitted
04 Oct 08 Section F to issue 2:
  MF02-02, F03, F03-03
  MF03-08 to -11
  MF04-17, -18

Details amended
Structure heights added
New structure and light, previously omitted
A-references amended
Structure height added
A-reference corrected
Character amended
04 Oct 08 Section N to issue 2:
  MN13-03, -04
  MN19-02 to
   end of Section
  MN20-02 (now 21-02)

Details amended
A-reference corrected
Details amended
A-reference amended
A-reference and character amended
Structure height amended
A-reference corrected
Details amended
Structure heights added
A-reference correected
Structure height added
New structure and light
Status altered to Disused Tower; M-reference amended

M-references changed to suit above
structure height amended
04 Oct 08 New page Statistics and Technicalities
27 Oct 08 Index to Issue 4 Warning about URL on different subject with similar name
30 Oct 08 Introduction to Issue 4 Onastic lights discontinued after mid-2008 retained in list
17 Nov 08 All published Sections to Issue 3 Inclusion of Section plans (Section B also receives new close-ups of M018 and M023)
29 Nov 08 Section B to Issue 5:

Images restored
29 Nov 08 Section D to Issue 5:
 M035, M035-01

Correction to image
Links to external websites
Images restored
Other minor corrections
05 Apr 09 Section D to Issue 6 Completion
30 Jul 09 New page Section E
30 Jul 09 Section F to Issue 4 Renumbering into main sequence
30 Jul 09 Introduction to Issue 5 Clarification of some definitions; Note on maps and charts;
Other minor corrections
30 Jul 09 Home Page to Issue 7 News; Link to new Section F
30 Jul 09 Feedback page
 to Issue 2

01 Aug 09 New page Section S
21 Aug 09 Section S to Issue 2 Links corrected
22 Oct 09 Index to Issue 10 Trumpet-blowing
15 Nov 09 Section E to Issue 2 Improved images of M067-06 Longman Point
 and M067-12 Kessock Bridge NW Tower
15 Nov 09 Section F to Issue 5 Images provided of all remaining structures in the Section
15 Nov 09 Section F to Issue 6;
Index to Issue 11
M076 Clyth Ness discontinued
15 Apr 10 Section D to Issue 7 Images of M033 Bell Rock; minor corrections
15 Apr 10 Section E to Issue 3;
Index to Issue 12
M067-18A Inverness Marina added
Corrections to plan of Inverness
20 Jul 10 New page
Index to Issue 13
Section P
02 Aug 10 New page
Index to Issue 14
Section G
06 Aug 10 Section G to Issue 2:
 M090-01, 02
 M092-15 to -17
Images provided of structures listed:
Gairloch pontoon
Ru na Lachan
Applecross pier
Crowlin Island
Plockton harbour
Eilean a'Chait
BUTEC jetty
Eileanan Dubha West
19 Aug 10 Statistics page to
  Issue 2
Index to Issue 15

Sectored lights
19 Aug 10 Section D to Issue 9: EXplorer, chart, sectors and access data
19 Aug 10 Section E to Issue 4:
 M053 Banff Pier
 M059-02, 05
   Fort George
Sectors and access data

19 Aug 10 Section F to Issue 8:
 M081-05 and -06
Sectors and access data
Listed in wrong order: numbers swapped
19 Aug 10 Section G to Issue 3
Sectors and access data; other minor corrections
links repaired
21 Aug 10 Section B to Issue 6:
 M012-17, -18
Section P to Issue 2
Index to Issue 16
Access data; images provided of structures listed:
Crombie Jetty downstream
Charlestown lights in line front and rear
Rosyth A
Publ.114 references added
03 Sep 10 Section C to Issue 4

Section F to Issue 9

Section N to Issue 4
Index list to Issue 7
Home page to Issue 17
Colour changes at M030, M031
Correction to Inchyra, from M028-30 to -52A
Inclusion of M080 Swilkie Point. Renumbering of Duncansby Head and John o'Groats
Removal of Swilkie Point. Corrections of headers to subsidiary pages
Updating of place-names list
Corrections. Announcement of Section Boundary maps
04 Sep 10 New pages
Index to Issue 18
Sections Q, R
18 Sep 10 Section S to Issue 3:
 New light MS04-01A
Index to Issue 19

Red Rock
07 Feb 11 New pages
All Sections
Index to Issue 20
Section T
Alteration to Copyright Statement and its removal from this page
20 Mar 11 Section N to Issue 4
Index to Issue 21
Addition of MN05-06 Moaness
Alteration of access statement to MN10 Roseness
19 Aug 11 Section B to Issue 7:
Index to Issue 22
Addition of lights on Isle of May
23 Sep 11 Section B to Issue 8:
Names list to Issue 10
Index to Issue 23
Addition of lights at Kirkcaldy
13 Oct 11 Section D to Issue 10

Section E to Issue 5

Places List to Issue 11
Index to Issue 24
M037-04, ranges consolidated
M042, new range and character
M044-08, -09, M045-01: all reconstructed
M044-10: new structure; existing M044-10 renumbered to M044-11
M046-01, new range and character
M046-04, -05, -06: corrections to Admiralty references
M049-01, -02: new structures; M050: new Admiralty reference
M053: correction to height (11 feet, not 11m!)
M067-18A: correction to character and description of structure
Updating of place-names list
11 Nov 11 New pages
Places list to Issue 12
Section E to issue 6
Index to Issue 25
Section H
Updating to include Section H
Notes on leading lights at Macduff and Banff (reference unchanged)
25 Nov 11 Section B to Issue 9
Index to Issue 26
Notes on alterations at M014 Beamer Rock
25 Mar 12 Section E to issue 6
Section F to Issue 10
Section R to Issue 2
Section T to Issue 2

Index to Issue 27
Discontinuation of M062 Covesea Skerries
Discontinuation of M083 Strathy Point
Addition of red sector to MR12 South Ness, Foula
Discontinuation of MT02-11 NF2; fixed structure replaced by buoy with same character
16 Aug 12 Section H to Issue 2
Index to Issue 28
Introduction of images of lights in South Kintyre; much renumbering
28 Aug 12 Section Q to Issue 2
Section T to Issue 3 Index to Issue 29
Changes at Kirkabister Ness
Final removal of perches in Sound of Harris
04 Sep 12 New pages
Places list to Issue 15
Index to Issue 30
Section K
Updating to include Section K
02 Jul 13 Section A to issue 6
Section B to Issue 9
Section D to Issue 11

Section F to Issue 11
Technicalities to Iss 3
Index to Issue 31
Note on new Queensferry Bridge
Notes on new bridge and on Beamer Rock
Discontinuation of M040, 041 Torry leading lights;
  new directional light M040-01 to replace them
M041-01: Correction of M-reference to M042-01
Reduction of intensity of M043 Buchan Ness
Reduction of intensity of M071 Chanonry
Alteration to "Brightest Lights" text
Increase of coverage since early issues; rearrangement
05 Jul 13 Section A to Issue 7
Section B to Issue 9
Index to Issue 32
Further images for M010-11 and M012
New images for M013-01 and -08
10 Jul 13 Section C to Issue 5
Index to Issue 33
New structures at M028-10A to -10D
20 Jul 16 New page
Auxiliary Index to Issue 34
Temporary Index page
Original index page now treated as auxiliary, but with continuing issue numbers
30 Jul 16 Removal of temporary Index page

Index to Issue 35
Index reinstated, new background colour, reasons for hiatus since 2013 and notes on future plans


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